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The Civil War

General Michael CorcoranThe wave of Irish immigration in the 1800s supplied thousands of men to fight on both sides of America’s civil war.  Michael Corcoran, of County Sligo, was commander of the famous fighting 69th – the all Irish regiment from New York.  A company of Irish Zoaves, led by the flamboyant Thomas Meagher (later made a Brigadier General), joined the fighting 69th at the first Battle of Bull Run.  Patrick Cleburne, born in County Cork on St. Patrick’s Day, joined the Confederacy in 1861.  He attained the rank of major general and commanded the Arkansas state unit. 
Irish influence extended to other aspects of the war as well.  Known as the “father of photo journalism,” Matthew Brady documented the Civil War in a way that set the standard for recording such a prolonged conflict.  His photographs and those of his company can be found in the national archives.

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